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What is Direct Selling: Direct Selling is the wave of not the future, but NOW!. Our tough economy & growing rate of job losses are growing at a staggering rate every day. Why not have a flexible job where you call the decide how much you want or need to make and can't even get fired! Even people like Warren Buffett, Steve Covey, and Robert Kiyosaki are recommending Direct Selling. Why? Because you have the flexibility of the hours you work. And you may only spend 10-15 hours per week or 2-3 hours per day on your business to get the same results as working for someone else at 40 hours or more a week. Direct Selling allows you to work your business around your family and work from where ever you want or need. You are not tied to a physical location each and every day. Which also allows you to provide personal service to each person you come into contact with and expand your customer or recruiting prospects outside of family and friends without the use of expensive advertising. Direct Selling also provides very low investment with high return. You have unlimited earning potential. Do you want a career or pocket money? It's up to you.

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Why Avon? Avon has been in business and one of the most successful for over 122 years! Avon is #1 worldwide in Direct Selling Revenue and #1 in Network Marketing Sales Revenue. Avon has their own state-of-the-art Research & Development Center, which has enabled them to be the first to come out with some of the Advance Cosmetic breakthroughs, before ANY other company. Avon has also partnered with some major celebrities like Derek Jeter, Reese Witherspoon, Patrick Dempsey, Courtney Cox, and Jennifer Hudson. Avon also advertises both sales and recruiting in major media, such as TV and magazines to help boost Avon Representatives sales and recruiting with no additional cost to the Representative. Avon provides FREE training and support from an Avon DSM employee placed right in the field locally and from a mentor or sponsor such as myself. Avon is also the best choice in pricing and quality products in this economy. Compare and save! These are just some of the benefits for choosing Avon.

For about the price of a lipstick you can start earning up to 50% in Sales and up to 12% in Recruiting. Plus bonuses! You will get 50% on your 1st 4 consecutive campaigns. That's HALF OFF for 2 months! So even if your not sure. You can just try it. What have you got to lose? All you do is Sell, Share, Show. Sell products to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors & acquaintances. Just hand them a catalog and follow up. We have products for everyday uses and special occasions. Share this opportunity. Show others how to do what you do. It's that easy!

Your earnings with Avon will be commission based only. You will not be an employee of Avon. And you are responsible for finding and servicing your own customers and recruits. You will always receive FREE training and support and FREE shipping right to your door. For more details or if you are ready to take you future into your own hands, please contact me by phone (425)339-5872. Or now for the first time, you can signup online! Go to and enter this code: shamilton

The AVON Opportunity


Would you like to Work from home?

Be your own boss?

Look, feel and live better, all while earning and learning?

You can with an Avon Career! Whatever background or walk of life, we know we have created a business opportunity whereas you can earn the financial rewards you desire.

Avon will support you through every step of your journey to success with the finest in programs and tools as well as outstanding rewards for your efforts. Your responsibility will be to set some exciting goals, manage your time and keep a positive attitude knowing that with consistent and persistent effort you will succeed.

Best wishes for much success and lots of enjoyment as you start your journey!

All About Avon

At Avon, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Avon helps your success by providing:

  • Unlimited earnings from your home-based business
  • Comprehensive Beauty and Beauty Advisor training
  • eRepresentatives opportunities your own Web page and much more!
  • Personal Growth, recognition and awards
  • Avon Independent Sales Representative Savings Plan
  • You help your own success by doing 3 things each and every campaign:

  • Sell the products and service customers
  • Share the opportunity

  • Show others how to do the same thing

  • Sell, Share, Show Fast Start Bonus PDF Download

    It is a simple process that leads to success!

    Avon Superstars share some keys for success

    silvia.jpg"To be successful you must really love what you do and like the people you are working with. Second, work hard and have lots of discipline. Third, be organized. And finally, you must have clear goals in mind." ...Senior Executive Unit Leader Silvia Tamayo
    vondell.jpg"You can't build the kind of business like I have by yourself. You need a team of people who share your goals in order to be successful." ...Senior Executive Unit Leader Vondell McKenzie
    "The best advice I can give is to treat your business like a real business, not some hobby or club." ...Senior Executive Unit Leader Lisa Wilber
    sue.jpg"Everybody knows and loves Avon. When I tell people about the benefits of an Avon business of their own they're interested." ...Senior Executive Unit Leader Sue Mazza
    dorothy.jpg"Face your fears and don't let them stop you from achieving your dreams. Set short and long term goals." ...Senior Executive Dorothy Meigel

    Principles, Values and Policies

    The principles that have guided us, as expressed by our Founder and the values we cherish are an integral part of everything we do here at Avon. They have stood the test of time and continue to serve as a continuing source of strength throughout our company.

    How we succeed in business will always be as important as what we achieve. Around the world the Avon Brand is now known not only for quality in products but more importantly, for the quality of life that so many Representatives are enjoying as a result of being able to build a successful Avon business.

    Our principles, values and policies will always be our best insurance that our future is everything we want it to be.

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